Sunday, August 17, 2008

Donovan - My Sk8er boy

Earlier in the week, my oldest son Donovan expressed his interest in skateboarding. With his friends at school, he has found an interest on having his very own board as he will learn with friends tricks and possibly some outrageous stunts that I could only imagine. I'd probably break my neck just trying a simple stunt he may be able to do in a few days. LOL.

On Sunday, August 17, 2008, I took him and his friend Jacob Wheeler to Borderline to purchase his board, trucks, wheels and other stuff needed to build his skateboard. I am very proud of my son. When he asked me to purchase his skateboard, he expressed concern over the cost and asked in a very polite way. When seeing this, I cringed only remembering my time as a child in waiting for that special "thing" for myself on any occasion, whether a birthday or Christmas in particular.

His excitement as I said yes, I will buy it for him...His handsome smile that could not let down, a sigh of relief knowing he will get it, and being with his friends while on his very own board will make every difference. What can you say? He wants it badly and as parent I will encourage him to be the best he can on it. I love my son, as I do with all my children.

Another day without road-blocks...


Boni said...

I'm sure he'll cherish the skateboard. He already looks super cool:)

Road-Block Blogger said...

I'm sure he will. Super cool!! Yes, he is looking that way, confident, strong, level headed and more.

1nce A Week Writer said...

donni is a tuff boi now, man he got a better tan than me, i lost my pigment color. Good sport for a kid, we would have to wrestle someday and what makes him level headed?

Road-Block Blogger said...

Careful brother, my son, soon to be a man, is a strong, tough and totally fit to wrestle you. You want some of that? LOl.

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