Monday, September 1, 2008

CUC Stickler!

There has been many complaints, stories, and reasoning behind the issues affecting our island utility agency. Published complaints, stories, and reasoning still do not make things any better for the people living the uncomfortable darkness. The CUC stickler continues to run our lives and now the on-going, longer outages is causing major problems. Take for example;

1. Electrical appliances breaking down;
2. Frozen foods spoiling;
3. Food poisoning from foods refrigerated in temperatures unacceptable to keep edible;
4. Generators running stores to keep open, cost is being transferred to consumers;
5. Increased inconveniences from outages as we cannot plan ahead, outages do not follow the schedule provided;
6. More of outages than that of non-outages;
Cost is significantly high for each family to try and get away from the inconveniences by taking time out from home; and,
7. The usage of candles has increased significantly due to increasing evening outages.

These are just a few examples of how the CUC issues are sticking it to the consumers. Do they actually own up to all these inconveniences? Have you read in the paper the load shedding schedule? I am sure you did... Can you trust it? I don't think so. Most businesses, in particular restaurants have lost a significant amount money from spoiling of foods due to these outages, but who cares right? Even the utility agency says what can we do!... Well, if we cannot even cater to this problem, what more about declaring the CNMI as a place to invest, build a home, retire, grow tourism, advance on education, opening of the airport for incoming and outgoing flights, and the safety of the community. This problem is more severe and has major consequences.

I thank our Washington Rep. Pete Tenorio on stating a "Humanitarian Disaster"for the residents of the CNMI, at least it is being seen by one of our most respectable leaders, which in fact, the people are truly living in a disaster, this is very true.

Just another taste of my thoughts on "Commonwealth Under Candles", our very own CUC.


1nce A Week Writer said...

That is a goog outline of what is happening today in the CNMI, and probably one of the biggest issue that will take a while to solve. I haven't seen the local news on TV except what is printed on paper, and my thoughts are that I haven't heard about the governor speaking out to explain what will he do to solve the problem or join the House of Rep, or a plan to bring the economy to its normal state. You pretty much said it right there, we need to open the airport and seek tourism or outside sources.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Speaking only of the realities. The honest truth, it is hard and difficult, but I myself am determined to help make a difference in this island we call home...

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