Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CUC - Commonwealth Under Candles!

"Commonwealth Under Candles" (CUC), a beautifully put acronym was read in a post by Ed Propst on his http://www.marianaspride.blogspot.com/. The effects of the ongoing power outages have not only affected the households, but continously make businesses suffer.

Think about this, with the ongoing power outages, CUC themselves are also experiencing breakdown of their own equipment. Equipment such as the ever important water pumps that distribute water to everyone. With my recent conversation with an official at CUC, the rampant outages have burnt out the pumps that distribute water, therefore, we are now also faced with less to no water and no power! Way to go CUC!

Now all businesses, households and even the utilities agency themselves undergo the severe challenges...How do we invite investors to our island when we cannot even manage our output of utility services? How do we gain investor confidence in our product? How do our tourist feel when Garapan is shut down aside from those who can afford to run a generator?

I donnow? as a special person says to me in that way as it is spelled out...LOL! Well, the issues on CUC have gone so far out that even as the community cries out loud, only little is heard. The alternative energy source is being looked at but at a very slow place as I understand. Palau has recently signed a deal to go after alternative energy for themselves, boy are we behind the curb...

Businesses are suffering, the community is suffering, investors are afraid to commit, the image portrayed on the island is bleak given the circumstances. I guess without fixing our backyard, we cannot even look forward to prosperous times ahead. But maybe I am being pessimistic, the people power revolution that is moving forward could shed more light on the issues facing the "DARK" Commonwealth, then again, with the movement, maybe I should remain optimistic.

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