Sunday, August 3, 2008

Barbaric? What do you think?

When you read below, the harsh barbaric ways of treating michievious acts or those who wish to commit crime have a severe punishment that they must consider prior to in Saudi Arabia. Not a pretty site when considering their laws, Capital Punishment...Ouch!

Harry Blalock brought this issue up on his food for thought, I was curios and yes to an extent I see the point he is trying to make. With all the crimes circumventing in the CNMI and with the increase of power outages, increased power rates, and job security at risk or no jobs at all, there is no other alternative for people but to look at committing crimes, theft and others things that are illegal to stay ahead or even make ends meet. This is quite scary considering the islands economic situation based on hospitality and tourism. What do we do? how do we deal with it?

Read below and see what Saudi Arabia does, I don't ever think we will come to that, but the reality is a stiff punishment to prevent people from even thinking of comitting such offenses.

Thanks Harry for your "Food For Thought" subject on the matter.
Riyadh - An Egyptian convicted of theft in Saudi Arabia had his right hand chopped off on Monday - the first hand amputation to be carried out in the kingdom in 2007.
The Egyptian national had his right hand cut off after he was convicted of pick-pocketing inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, a Saudi ministry of interior statement said.
The ministry warned all those who toyed with the idea of committing a similar crime to beware of the punishment prescribed in the Islamic Sharia law.
Saudi Arabia implements a harsh, puritanical version of Islam, known as Wahhabism named after the founder of the rigid Islamic school of thought, Muhammad bin Abdel-Wahhab.
Under Saudi law, if a convicted thief offends again, his left hand will be cut off.
© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur


Boni said...

Theft is a very complicated crime to understand. Some steal for the thrill, some for a living and some out of desperation. No packaged rehabilitation program is going to counter it, and chopping off someone's hand is brutal. No easy answers.

KAP said...

It's too extreme for me, and what do you do if you make a mistake? "Oops, sorry?"

Looks like it's more for show anyway if an Egyptian is the first for 2007.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Interesting enough and I see your point. I think its more on the idea of ensuring they do not do it, make it public, show there is no mercy, but its true if they are wrong what happens?

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