Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pink Ghurlz!

Wayannie Pangelinan, my daughter, the youngest of the foursome dance group "Pink Ghurlz". All this started last school year with her friends. They all have a passion for dancing, they aggressively practice afterschool, in between classes, and sometimes on weekeneds when they get together.

On Friday, August 22, 2008. My school (LISS) had a function. An event that highlighted the Muse Park Group farewell. 26 students from Korea who stayed with us for 3 weeks performing their musical numbers in and for the school. The event empashized on talents from broadway musicals, to modern contemporary dances, as well cultural. This is where the Pink Ghurlz came in...I am a proud father, a proud parent, and I was all smiles that day.

Other performances were also led by the Muse Park group and our Korean upper grademen foursome dance team. Boy did they woo the crowd. I am also proud of my students.
That Friday, was a great day! I worried about the weather as the night before and the morning prior to the event, heavy rain showers poured down, I thought we would have a soaking afternoon, but to my surprise, for those 3 hours that I needed, just those 3 hours, the weather turned out very well, but right after, boy did it pour... Yes indeed, a great day alas! No road-blocks for the day...Yay!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Visit to the Principal's Office

My two princesses, my daughters, take a brief moment with a friend in my office one day right after school. It has become a norm to expect their visit with a nice big hug and a kiss. I always look forward to that as it makes my day a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When on the run and gotta get things done...

My mind races of where to start on the things I need to get done....

My body feels fatigue, stressed from the variety of things in my head...

My abdomen makes the funny gargling noises because i'm hungry and I don't think of eating because of time...

I start developing a head ache from being hungry...

I tend to need a break, a deserved break I may add...Where do I go to get things done and sastify my hunger that I still do not think off at the time..Drive, drive, and drive I go.

Needing to work a little longer tonight, Aha! Oleai Beach Club. I bring myself to OBC, holding a meeting while enjoying a nice cold MGD and snacking up on some beef quesadillas. Now, feeling relieved as I catered to my hunger, work is progressing. Stress free, and road-blocks free...Yay!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Donovan - My Sk8er boy

Earlier in the week, my oldest son Donovan expressed his interest in skateboarding. With his friends at school, he has found an interest on having his very own board as he will learn with friends tricks and possibly some outrageous stunts that I could only imagine. I'd probably break my neck just trying a simple stunt he may be able to do in a few days. LOL.

On Sunday, August 17, 2008, I took him and his friend Jacob Wheeler to Borderline to purchase his board, trucks, wheels and other stuff needed to build his skateboard. I am very proud of my son. When he asked me to purchase his skateboard, he expressed concern over the cost and asked in a very polite way. When seeing this, I cringed only remembering my time as a child in waiting for that special "thing" for myself on any occasion, whether a birthday or Christmas in particular.

His excitement as I said yes, I will buy it for him...His handsome smile that could not let down, a sigh of relief knowing he will get it, and being with his friends while on his very own board will make every difference. What can you say? He wants it badly and as parent I will encourage him to be the best he can on it. I love my son, as I do with all my children.

Another day without road-blocks...

Was this the place where the "Goonies" movie was filmed?

The earlier days of adventure movies such as Indiana Jones, there was also a movie entitled the "Goonies". This highly adventurous childrens movie engages in children tackling the prison breakers, Italian family of thieves on a quest to find the pirates gold to save their home! If I recall correctly.

I bring this up because the ambiance of where my two younger brothers and sister in-law visited, the Oregon Coast, has the familiar setting of when the pirate ship sailed out in the ocean after it was found by the goonies. Is this the place? "The three rocks symbolizing a clue in the map, where a key stone was used to match it up", again this is to the best of my memory.

I just wanted to share what I thought off when I saw this photo. Thanks Gerry and Ryan for taking and sending the photo.

No Place Like HOME...

Many times, I was asked by friends and family why don't you leave Saipan and move? Many times it has crossed my mind, but where do you go? Where do you start? Will it be a good change? How will you make a living? Of course, these cannot be answered unless tried.

However, I was able to travel around in specific countries such as Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, United States, and Micronesia. When you think of it and see the different lifestyles, there way of life, I ask myself, could I live here? Work here? Build a life here? Don't get me wrong, all these places I've been to either wooed me or made me wish I was there only for a shorter stay. Big cities, travel cross country, museums, parks, recreational facilities, fast food are that of any metropolitan city that you can see and enjoy, and then there's Saipan. The 48 square mile rock situated in the vast Pacific ocean on the western hemisphere, with limited things to do, but enjoyable if you take to heart and appreciate what is offered. Personally I find that there are more things to do on island that many do not venture out to.

I drive around, I inhale the fresh air, smell the scent of ocean, cut grass, burning of vegetation, see the blooming of the flame trees and other tropical flowers, see tourist walk the streets knowing they are safe, the power outages, the stray animals crossing the street, the dead ones too! The simplicity of island life...At the same time, its hardship and struggles are also apparent and extremely visible today, but nevertheless, it's home...

I am fortunate to have experience what I did and seen the different cultures as I have. I think when a person gets to do such things as I have, it plays a major role in the perspective of life. It makes a strong presence for change. Today, life on Saipan is hard, but its home. Many are leaving for greener pastures while those like me stay behind, like myself I choose to contribute to change ion Saipan, we all call HOME.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is there really a dooms day?

The Mayan Calendar states the end of the world is slated for December 21, 2012. How true is this unexplainable calendar that even the worlds greatest minds stated that the Mayan calendar is more accurate than that of our current calendars? Doesn't this make you wonder? Is there really a dooms day expected? Do you think the governments are hiding this information to prevent a chaotic response from the total 6+billion people worldwide? Well, from the rock we sit on in the vast Pacific ocean, I tend to wonder about this.

Predictions from people in the past have made an enormous impact of what could really happen. Some predictions have come true from that of Nostradamus and what more if the Mayan calendar is true? Then the saying of "Life is too short", really applies for everyone.

Does the warming up of our planet, the unexplainable natural disasters, the religious beliefs, and the atrocities of war show a significant series of events that were also predicted. Could these prophets really see the future and are we listening? These are questions that through this post cannot be answered.

A few things to consider;

1) Nostradamus wrote Quatrains that described World War III. He indicated that the Anti-Christ would play an important role. Are all of these predictions related to the Mayan Calendar End Date?

2) A 12th planet named Nibiru is also thought to have a 3600 year orbit around our sun. Some people believe that Nibiru will be entering our solar system in the year 2012. Thus, the dooms day prophecy?

If our time on Earth is being counted, then it may be wise to live it. I don't know what the future will have on the Nostradamus predictions and the Mayan calendar, the thing I do know is to make every day of your life count.

Leave your thoughts on this issue...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What does it mean to relax and unwind?

It's been long overdue where I would find myself in a very relaxed state of mind. Always working relentlessly towards ensuring a better life for myself as well for those that I hold dear in my heart. What does it mean to really relax and unwind?

Well, this weekend, August 9 & 10, 2008, Boni and I with Donny, Hope, Jayvier, Wayannie and Wade, spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Setting up a series of do's and don'ts at home surely made the evenings a change as to what was felt as the weekend getaway vacation home. Needless to say, it was difficult adjusting to every need from the various personalities found in one household. "It's our home, help me me build a home", as Boni states... The weekend nights were no longer filled with noise and unnecessary roughness, but of peace and tranquility. "Isn't it nice when you set some ground rules", added Boni. Yes I responded. I did not realize that my spoiling of the children would one day take charge of me. Yes, I love them so much as I do with all the children equally, but it is also true I must ensure I do not spoil them rotten that one day both Boni and I will have to make drastic changes, better now than later. A lesson that was taught to me as a father who only wishes to provide anything and everything I can physically give. Not the best if we are trying to raise children with respect, obedience and more importantly considerate of everything around them.

Truly a remarkable, intelligent and beautiful woman, I am a fortunate man to have her in my life. Oki-doki, back to the question of what does it mean to relax and unwind? This weekend, most of our time was spent at the American Memorial Park, a beautifully designed park. Atop the hill across the entrance as shown on the photo, under a ficus tree shade, on a plastic straw mat with refreshing juices and water in one hand and on the other a seafood & crab 6" sandwich. This one afternoon of enjoyment made all the stress and thoughts in my mind disappear. Spending the quality time needed for our love ones as well the needed time to sense the perfect romantic, yet family fun time both Boni and I craved for. While she reads a novel (Twilight) laying her head on my thigh and I lay comfortably watching the natural beauty our island possesses. Picture this - beautiful blue sky with shades of grey from rain clouds, bright green trimmed grass, an open field, and a flowering garden surely surpassed my expectations of relaxation for today. As I let myself unwind to take in the scenery, the ambiance and watching the children run across the field of green laughing, jumping, and playing soccer, I saw true enjoyment in their eyes that made me content with my life. I was able to really relax knowing they were happy and both Boni and I had the time to also take that precious little time to enjoy. A truly simple activity, but an extremely rewarding one where we could find time to just relax and unwind.

The night before, was the first time to have a nice bottle of wine, crackers and cheese with some great tasting locally made jam from Expressions, made a world of difference. Following a nice TV series, Boni and I made every attempt to make an evening of fun with eachother. I enjoyed this simple evening and will never forget the laughter and joy we shared. However the outcome of our past lives, this one surely is a weekend to place in the memory blocks of my mind, this weekend had no road-blocks that I could think off, it was perfect. Thank you Boni!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CUC - Commonwealth Under Candles!

"Commonwealth Under Candles" (CUC), a beautifully put acronym was read in a post by Ed Propst on his The effects of the ongoing power outages have not only affected the households, but continously make businesses suffer.

Think about this, with the ongoing power outages, CUC themselves are also experiencing breakdown of their own equipment. Equipment such as the ever important water pumps that distribute water to everyone. With my recent conversation with an official at CUC, the rampant outages have burnt out the pumps that distribute water, therefore, we are now also faced with less to no water and no power! Way to go CUC!

Now all businesses, households and even the utilities agency themselves undergo the severe challenges...How do we invite investors to our island when we cannot even manage our output of utility services? How do we gain investor confidence in our product? How do our tourist feel when Garapan is shut down aside from those who can afford to run a generator?

I donnow? as a special person says to me in that way as it is spelled out...LOL! Well, the issues on CUC have gone so far out that even as the community cries out loud, only little is heard. The alternative energy source is being looked at but at a very slow place as I understand. Palau has recently signed a deal to go after alternative energy for themselves, boy are we behind the curb...

Businesses are suffering, the community is suffering, investors are afraid to commit, the image portrayed on the island is bleak given the circumstances. I guess without fixing our backyard, we cannot even look forward to prosperous times ahead. But maybe I am being pessimistic, the people power revolution that is moving forward could shed more light on the issues facing the "DARK" Commonwealth, then again, with the movement, maybe I should remain optimistic.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Barbaric? What do you think?

When you read below, the harsh barbaric ways of treating michievious acts or those who wish to commit crime have a severe punishment that they must consider prior to in Saudi Arabia. Not a pretty site when considering their laws, Capital Punishment...Ouch!

Harry Blalock brought this issue up on his food for thought, I was curios and yes to an extent I see the point he is trying to make. With all the crimes circumventing in the CNMI and with the increase of power outages, increased power rates, and job security at risk or no jobs at all, there is no other alternative for people but to look at committing crimes, theft and others things that are illegal to stay ahead or even make ends meet. This is quite scary considering the islands economic situation based on hospitality and tourism. What do we do? how do we deal with it?

Read below and see what Saudi Arabia does, I don't ever think we will come to that, but the reality is a stiff punishment to prevent people from even thinking of comitting such offenses.

Thanks Harry for your "Food For Thought" subject on the matter.
Riyadh - An Egyptian convicted of theft in Saudi Arabia had his right hand chopped off on Monday - the first hand amputation to be carried out in the kingdom in 2007.
The Egyptian national had his right hand cut off after he was convicted of pick-pocketing inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, a Saudi ministry of interior statement said.
The ministry warned all those who toyed with the idea of committing a similar crime to beware of the punishment prescribed in the Islamic Sharia law.
Saudi Arabia implements a harsh, puritanical version of Islam, known as Wahhabism named after the founder of the rigid Islamic school of thought, Muhammad bin Abdel-Wahhab.
Under Saudi law, if a convicted thief offends again, his left hand will be cut off.
© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

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