Sunday, July 27, 2008

ATV Adventure atop the world!

A Sunday adventure experience on an ATV! Taking a look at the islands activities, I surprised my children with the All Terrain Vehicle experience atop MT. Tapochao. Stunning views of panoramic beauty that I could not catch due the camera malfunctioning, but got one shot right before we headed out from the ATV compound. Mr. Ko Sung Il, owner of the STAR ATV's offered my children and I an adventure that will not be forgotten. Aside from the island norm of sand, sea, and surf, we went mountain top on motorized vehicles. Whew! the site surely is breathtaking. A fine Sunday despite the weather forecast of partly sunny we took the risk of possible rainfall, we said "what the heck!" let's go...

Many say that the island offers so little enjoyment, but the reality is, we have so much to offer and its all about venturing out and looking at the variety of alternative activities for family fun. I enjoyed this day with my children. The wife and my youngest son as well more of the girls could not make the adventure, but I am certain that one day, we, the family, will all try this activity again.

Mt. Tapochao, if measured from bottom of sea ocean floor to the tip rises higher than that of Mt. Everest, so basically, we are on top of the world. Should you wish to try this out, give me a call and I could help arrange it for you, Mr. Ko is a great friend of mine and I am sure he will extend the same courtesy to you as he did me. Get outside and do some fun activities with the family, it is very safe. The guide takes good care of everyone. He watches the speed and the type of terrain suitable for a safe family time.


Boni said...

There is so much to do and see here, we just need to get out there and appreciate it. You're such a great dad, I'm sure the kids had the time of their lives. Can't wait to get on that four wheeler next time!! I'll race ya;)

Road-Block Blogger said...

Your on! get yourself ready... lol.

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