Friday, June 27, 2008

My Little Princesses

Here are my two little princesses, aren't they gorgeous!  Of course this is only two of the eight being raised, a true brady bunch.  

Raising a family with eight children is a wonderful feeling.  From oldest to youngest they are in this order; Tony, Donovan, Hope, Jayvier, Nannie, Peyton, Sommer and Wade.  Gotta love em' all, all have different personalities that can make any rainy day pure enjoyment.  

There are occasions when as parents we feel overwhelmed, but that is natural, all we can do is remain patient and let our parenting take it's course.  Both Boni and I cherish our children, share our love to them equally, express our happiness, joy and at times the discipline when needed.  Of course, Boni tells me we have to stand firm on our decisions together, for the sake of providing the right moral support as well proper behavior and etiquette our children need.  Life is good knowing we have a full house, sure the noise does not subside until the day is done and our angels are asleep, but then you look at their innocence and see they are all at peace, your content.

Blue teeth is shown on Nannie, Peyton of course will not show the blue after the candy they enjoyed.  Should I have taken some to show unity in Blue? LOL!  


Boni said...

Eight is truly a beautiful number. I grew up around my dad's nine siblings and had the time of my life. I hope all our kids will cherish the life we provide for them.

Road-Block Blogger said...

Thats beautiful! six in mine and yes we always have the time to share great moments.

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