Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kumho Asiana Bid for the QC

The presentation was wonderful, opened up many opportunities that the CNMI can definitley capitalize on. Catherine Anderson did a great job in conveying the impact and business forecast Kumho Asiana projects over the the next 40 years invested in the CNMI.

Private sector leaders as well government shared comments on how they view this paramount investment the CNMI has not seen in over 12 years. Its finally time for one company, a conglomerate company, to open up more doors for our islands, especially when over time, the total investment is over 200 million. I truly believe more opportunities will spur up from this movement.

The Commonwealth Development Authority (CDA) has heard the business community in support of the Qualifying Certificate (QC) application for Kumho Asiana. I too believe that they should be awarded this despite the negative comment stated at the hearing. Overall, Kumho Asiana, as a company, through its people, offer so much support to the business community and will eventually engage themeselves even stronger with the public offering a variety of benefits and opportuntieis to schools, events and programs, donations, and more.

On behalf of myself as I represent a business, a school, Ladera International School of Saipan (LISS), this transaction to approving the QC for Kumho Asiana is the right approach given the current circumstances of our islands economic woes.

CDA Board, APPROVE the QC!

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